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Reading - a dying hobby

  Most of our posts in this blog have been directed towards some problem that we have encountered in day to day life, or something that has annoyed us greatly. But today I'm feeling good. I thought I'd give a go to something that I seem to enjoy a lot, lately. Reading. 

  It's easy, it's accessible, it's free and most of all, it's fun! You don't have to buy books, or spend time at the local library if you don't want to. Get online and you can find anything that you want. I was thinking, since I moved abroad I haven't actually held a book to read. But wait! I do read. At work mostly. In 10 hours of work I think I spend most of them reading something. I read the news, I read scientific articles that interest me, I read forums, jokes. But I also read books. Granted, the last one I read wasn't something published by a known writer, but for me it was still good. My last book was the 3rd volume from the hit game Diablo 3, "The Sin War - The Veiled Prpophet". I love their Diablo series and thus, I enjoy the lore books. Most of the books that Blizzard released I have set time aside to read. It's my thing. Fantasy attracts me. 

 For me, reading is a good way to pass the time and keep my mind occupied. I can imagine the characters, the actions however I want. See the scenery in my mind how I wish. In so many ways a book is better than a movie. A movie will already present you with the details, but it is how the directors saw it, not as you have imagined it. If you have ever read a book before seeing the movie made after the book, you will probably say to yourself :"This is not how I imagined that. Or this...or those." That's because books give us the freedom to use our imagination how we want. And they don't have commercial breaks.

That being said, why do I have the feeling not too many people read in our times? It seems there are no downsides to reading, yet people don't do it any more. Have video games, movies, social networking and all of today's technologies taken up all our time that we don't find any left for something as beneficial as growing our imagination, vocabularies and mind from books? From the looks of it, on forums, boards, comments and such, even typing words correctly or using grammar have become outdated. I really hope that will not be the future for our civilisation

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