Google+ Studio 25: Corruption, Meritocracy and the People


Corruption, Meritocracy and the People

   Corruption, seems to have developed a self-sustaining , indestructible system that perpetuates infinitely in the administration apparatus. I cannot help to believe sometimes that a autocratic political system is needed for 10 years during which a corruption-proof administration can be built, with working paths independent of person, with clear processes and procedures, with penalties and responsibilities for each action and each individual involved in it, with control systems that oversees it, making it independent of politics and outside influences. BUT, here lies a bigger problem: finding that incorruptible involved  individual to do it. Humans are subject to corruption and compromise.

   One can argue that some political systems leave less room for it, and it is true (in part). But one loophole is one too many.

   Not advocating extremism here, examples from history cannot be clearer against it, starting with Roman Empire and ending with North Korea, and who forgets history risks repeating history and failures of the past. There must be a way around it. Having shared time with a Process Engineer, I learned that everything can be optimized, everything can be improved, including administration and political environment. But a designer of it is not enough, will is what we lack. When well structured and compartmented governing structures are in place, the influence of political parties are minimized to the point where it doesn't even matter their participation, which will render their existence useless. And if they do not exist any more, what will the structure look like, what will it be, meritocracy? Hmm... there is another aspect, maybe the most important: public opinion. Can it be harmonized with a meritocracy, or better said can one engineer a symbiosis between an administrative system based on merits and public opinion? Otherwise it will be just another dictatorship using a different name...

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