Google+ Studio 25: Civilisation types - Evolution of mankind


Civilisation types - Evolution of mankind

   It's a subject that has always caught my attention wherever I heard it. If we only compare our civilization with the same Homo Sapiens Sapiens that lived through the 11th century, the difference is overwhelming. Personal Computers, cars, television, flying, rockets, skyscrapers. The list is endless. All this came because we managed to use and handle most of the resources from our own little planet. 

In 1964, Russian astrophysicist Nicolai Kardashev theorized that a civilization's technical advancement directly correlates to the amount of energy its citizens can manipulate. Along these lines, he defined three classifications for advanced civilizations in the galaxy:
  1. Type I civilizations are masters of planetary energy, meaning that they can harness the sum energy of an entire world. 
  2. Type II civilizations can summon the power of an entire star system. 
  3. Type III civilizations command energy on a galactic scale. 
While we are not yet a Type I Civilization, we are very close to achieving it. The "only" thing that keeps us from achieving this advancement is getting rid of our dependency of fossil fuel.Nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, solar power, wind, water. They all have the potential for that, but we just haven't found an efficient way of harvesting it.

All that being said, technology isn't the only way to measure evolution. If we look to our ancestors we can see some differences in the anatomy of humans. But this is not my point here. What I am trying to imagine is how will we evolve. What will humans look like in ten thousand years, in 100.000 years? The more we know about our universe, the more we develop, will our brains become bigger? Will our bodies change? Is the next step in evolution the little grey aliens with huge heads? 
Time will tell.

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