Google+ Studio 25: Follow Your Faith But Don't Push It Down My Throat


Follow Your Faith But Don't Push It Down My Throat

    I'm fairly sure many of us have every once in a while encountered the kind of people that take religion a bit too far. The kind that knock on doors too early in the morning, that jump in during a conversation because they heard that someone doesn't share their beliefs, that no matter what you believe in, they still strive to imprint in your mind the beliefs that they "know" are the best. Be it Mormons, Jehovah's witnesses, protestants or just over zealous Catholics, they all have the same thing in common: The belief that their part of Christianity is the correct one and if you follow THEIR beliefs, you will get a big present at the end of your meaningless and pathetic life.
    Why do people that have faith are ever so eager to pile on any atheist that crosses their path? Don't they have something better to do? Something more meaningful than to convert my pathetic life from atheism to believing in magic?
     They do their job very well. I'll give them that. What they don't understand is the fact that they can quote any verse from the bible and explain the bible's inner meanings is as useless to me as being able to burp the alphabet. Sure, it's quite impressive, but it won't really get you anywhere in life. And the fact that you know A book, doesn't really amount to anything when you think about how many books are in the whole world. I could  also recommend a few to these people that seem to enjoy fiction so much that they decide to make it into a religion. It would surely be funny to see some religions based on Tolkien's work. Some 80's hippies knocking at my door wanting to ask me if I accepted the Dark Lord Sauron into my life. I would enjoy a discussion about that, it's more entertaining than a talk about the bible. Plus, maybe you'd get some sweet replica of the One ring with glowing fiery symbols (batteries not included).
       I am well aware that this rant will not change anything about the number of "believers" that will stick their religion in my face, but hey! I can sleep well thinking that all this religious fairytale magic voodoo will probably die out on it's own in about (input obscene amount of) years, when humanity will finally UNDERSTAND there is no proof that there is a god.

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