Google+ Studio 25: Jesus: The First Secular Politician?


Jesus: The First Secular Politician?

"Give back to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's."

Pretty powerful words, aren't they? And they are even more remarkable when coming from a Jew living in a rebellious province in Middle East, under Roman occupation, 2 millenniums before.
His existence (as recorded by the Bible) is arguable, his teachings subject to alterations, but his legacy permeates our times. And, although his legacy created a system of beliefs that continues to this day to dominate aspects of politics, I cannot help but ask myself: "Was he a philosopher, prophet or a politician? Or, was he all of that together?". It is a question that dated way back, (and in my opinion) even before the first gospel was written. The answer I found for myself was just as ambiguous as his (alleged) actions and statements were. Was that deliberate? No one knows!

And it is not the only sign that points to a separation of powers; driving out sellers and money changers from the temple only piles up on this, and its relevance lies in the anger towards such activities.
And we come to our days, when we have states that do not allow you to hold public office if you are not christian (or muslim). They say that they follow the word of their savior, Jesus Christ, and I say bullshit. I say that they are mixing Caesar with God. I say they are mixing money changing with religion, and sometimes confusing between the two of them: hoping for spiritual redemption from money, and buying their way with God.

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