Google+ Studio 25: Tolerating Intolerance


Tolerating Intolerance

No need to say much, the clip says more about intolerance than I can say in a thousand words.

 It happens in Sweden, the country that offered asylum to many people in suffering (at one point in their life), that became citizens of that country. Now, some of those very people are present in this video, attacking core values of the democratic society that gave them shelter, food, medicine and respect. - Muslim student go crazy in campus showing anti-Islamic amateur film in Sweden 2012

The world is huge, and nobody is forcing you to watch the movie if you find it offensive  You can chose to be a good human being, mind your own business, while others mind theirs, or you can chose to be policing cultural events, like a good fundamentalist muslim.

If you chose to tell me what to say, think or do, than I will say to you "Get over it! Grow up!"
"According to my standards, your prophet, despite his "divine" credentials, is a murderer, pedophile and a rapist. Yelling at me, threatening me, blackmailing me, or attacking me into submission will not work!"

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