Google+ Studio 25: World Today: How We Stopped Loving Our Freedom


World Today: How We Stopped Loving Our Freedom

Arguably, we, as a society, have reached a peak. A highpoint that a century before wasn't even in our dreams. And humanity had its visionary men looking anxiously to the future, pushing it hard, dragging everybody else along with them...

Electricity, road and air travel, the way we made business, or killed each other, art, technology and science, everything had such an accelerated pace, that compared with the previous 6000 years looks like an explosion that keeps growing.

But, there is a black spot, a huge one - stamped on our faith like a tattoo that won't come off. We still didn't learn how to live with each other. An uneducated opinion that "my way" is better than "your way", and "your way" must die, that has its roots in religious or nationalist extremism. Involution? Maybe... The mechanics of hate feed heavily on those two components, and even heavier on our acceptance of it, as part of the freedom culture. By acceptance of freedom of expression, way is given to hate. The hate bubble grows and one day it will burst, straight in our face, and there will be no more liberty. No more liberty to smile when I'm happy, no more freedom to love when my heart's on fire, no more liberty to read, to think... the only way, the only explanation, the only voice will be the sanctioned one. I am afraid of those times.

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