Google+ Studio 25: Discriminated



Coming back to a topic, that immigrants (and not only them) have many things to say, is not easy. Proving discrimination is very hard due to the range of ways it can manifest itself, and the evading mist that surrounds such occurrence. Sometimes it happens without the offender even realising it, or even the offended failing to realize it. Sometimes it is so small that some, or most, think it is natural, that it is in the nature of things, or relations to be so. Take example in Advertising Jobs. How many times have you met the formula  “would like to employ female, maximum age 30...”, or “ restaurant seeks to employ waitress”? Just a generic example...

Is there a cure? Yes, awareness! That is exactly the point here. This is not a wake up call, not even a complaint, it is just taking the subject and throwing it in your face

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